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2.25" SPORT


Note(s): 9, 14 + Install TIme: 3.5 Hours

+ FITS: ​2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 +

+ FITS: ​2014-2018 GMC Sierra 1500 +

 + FRONT LEVEL HEIGHT: 0-2.25" +

+ MAX TIRE SIZE: 285/70R17 +

Chevy All 4 Monotube 20171122.png





  • Sport Leveling Monotube Shocks (0-2.25” Lift)

  • Microcellular “foam” Progressive Bump Stops

  • Billet coil spring carriers

  • Injection-molded squeak-free spring isolators

  • All necessary hardware



  • Sport Monotube Shocks (0” Lift)

  • Microcellular “foam” Progressive Bump Stops

  • Bump stop cups

  • All necessary hardware

2014-2018+ 1500

0-2.25” Level      07-04-21-400-002           $1,531.99



  1. Bump stop configuration varies depending on shock absorber collapsed length, tire size, and fenders – See instructions for proper configuration for your application.

  2. May require JL: TeraFlex 2” Bump stop Strike Pad Extension Kit (# 1959500) and/or JL: TeraFlex 0.5” Bump Stop Strike Pad Shim Kit(s) (# 1959300).

  3. Cartridge Upgrade Kits NOT available for TJ: Series 3.0 Piggyback Shocks.

  4. Requires cutting of stock lower shock mount.

  5. Raw finish for optional welding – welding not required, but highly recommended for extreme use.

  6. 3 shock mounting heights possible (stock height; + 0.8”; + 1.6”).

  7. Mounting at Level 2 or Level 3 may affect overall rear axle travel, causing the axle to droop further, which may cause the spring to fall out of place.

  8. NOT compatible w/ JK: TeraFlex High Steer Systems (w/ HD Drag Link Flip Kit & HD Tie Rod: # 4391000; w/ HD Drag Link Flip Kit – No HD Tie Rod: # 4390975; w/ Drag Link End: # 4390875) or TeraFlex High Steer Knuckles (# 4390870).

  9. Never exceed factory tow/haul ratings.

  10. Do not use tow/haul modes while unladen as the increased rear stiffness could upset the balance between the front and rear of the vehicle, which could lead to loss of vehicle control.

  11. Does NOT fit Ford F-150 Raptor.

  12. Rear shocks require existing lift kit’s rear bump stop blocks.

  13. Does NOT fit Dodge/Ram trucks equipped w/ Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension.

  14. Does NOT fit Chevrolet/GMC trucks equipped w/ Magnetic Ride Control.

  15. Fits U.S.-spec Ford Ranger ONLY – does NOT fit international models.

  16. When installing Falcon Ford Ranger front leveling shocks above stock ride height, an upper control arm designed for 1-3” lifts is required to achieve proper alignment.

  17. Does NOT fit Ford F-250 2WD model.

  18. These shocks work with stock height Ford F-250 vehicles or w/ up to a 2” leveling kit – does NOT include front lift coil springs or front lift coil spring spacers.

  19. Ford F-250 2” front lift coil springs or front lift coil spring spacers can be purchased from the aftermarket.

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