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4WAAM On-Road Review: Toyota Tacoma Falcon Sport Leveling System

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Now that our friends over at 4WAAM (4 Wheels And A Motor) have had a month to play with their 2018 Toyota Tacoma Off-Road Edition pickup with a Falcon Sport Leveling System, they are ready to report their on-road experiences.

Falcon Sport Leveling System: Toyota Tacoma

During their install, 4WAAM used the highest strut leveling setting in anticipation of adding a heavier aftermarket bumper and winch in the future. For better or worse, the Tacoma temporarily features a slight nose-up rake. A professional alignment is a must after the install.

After taking a “fairly tight turn that crosses the road crown and has a washboard feel to it," 4WAAM observed:

On the stock suspension, in dry conditions, the truck started to skip and break traction limiting our ability to continue acceleration through the corner. Taking the corner with the Falcon setup was night and day. While you still felt the bumps, the truck was stable throughout the corner allowing a steady acceleration from apex to exit without a loss of traction.

Other notable improvements include more predictable suspension movements after hitting a bump, smoother and more controlled braking, the ability to absorb minor road imperfections, and the ability to maintain consistent contact with the road under all driving conditions.

Check out the original review HERE for a more in-depth look at the Falcon Sport Leveling System on a 2018 Toyota Tacoma.

– Jason Udy

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