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tacoma sport  LEVELING SYSTEM

tacoma sport

The Toyota Tacoma Falcon Sport Shock Absorber System is
engineered to deliver increased stability and control as well as
improved ride quality and comfort both on and off-road. These
compact and affordable shocks are ideal for daily driven vehicles.

Fits: all 2016+ Toyota Tacoma

  •  Monotube front shock absorbers

  •  Piggyback rear shock absorbers

  •  Billet coil spring carrier

  •  Injection molded squeak-free spring isolator


•   Two (2) monotube coilover front shock absorbers
•   Two (2) piggyback rear shock absorbers
•   Front & rear polyurethane foam bump stops
•   Rear bump stop cups

•   Rear roost guards

•   All necessary hardware

NOTE: Never exceed your factory tow/haul ratings.

Sport System

(0-2.5")     08-04-21-400-002         $1565.99

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