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UPDATE: All-New JL/JLU Falcon Series 2.1 Monotube Shock Absorbers Have Arrived!

Updated: Sep 4, 2018


JL Wrangler | JLU Wrangler Unlimited

Series 2.1 Monotube Shock Absorbers

Falcon Shocks has released the first in a series of JL Jeep Wrangler and JLU Jeep Wrangler Unlimited shock absorbers! Our initial offering includes the JLU 4-Door 3.6L Series 2.1 Monotube Shock Absorbers in a 0-1.5" or 2-3" lift heights with other lift heights and applications to follow. 

All Falcon shock absorbers and steering stabilizers are engineered to meet the unique requirements of the Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited. 

These new compact and affordable, corner-specific JL/JLU Falcon Series 2.1 Monotube Shock Absorbers deliver increased stability, improved ride quality, and comfort for daily driven Jeeps as well as race-inspired performance, handling, and stability for off-road rigs. Built from the ground up with a focus on fitment and function, every Falcon shock absorber delivers the best damping characteristics possible.  

But we aren't stopping there. Just like we did with the JK Wrangler and JKU Wrangler Unlimited, Falcon Shocks is also engineering Series 3 Piggyback shocks and Nexus EF steering stabilizers. Stay tuned for more JL/JLU dampers!

Series 2.1

Features & Benefits:

  • Fixed rate damping optimized for on- & off-road driving

JL/JLU Shock Absorbers

Features & Benefits:

  • JL corner-specific shock absorber w/ race-inspired performance

  • Rear roost guards prevent shock shaft damage from rocks kicked up by the tires

Falcon Shock Absorbers

Features & Benefits:

  • Same as those found in our JK/JKU Falcon Series 2.1 Monotube shock absorbers with tuning, mounting hardware, & clearances developed specifically for the JL/JLU platforms – click HERE for more details 


  • Series 2.1 Monotube shock absorbers - all 4 

  • Rear roost guards - pair 

  • All necessary hardware




JL 3.6L: Series 2.1 - 0-1.5” Lift

JL 3.6L: Series 2.1 - 2-3” Lift

JL 3.6L: Series 2.1 - 3.5-4” Lift




JLU 3.6L: Series 2.1 - 0-1.5” Lift

JLU 3.6L: Series 2.1 - 2-3” Lift

JLU 3.6L: Series 2.1 - 3.5-4” Lift

Check out the links above for more details about the new JL/JLU Falcon shock absorbers!

- Jason Udy

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