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Falcon Shocks by TeraFlex - The New Benchmark!

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Falcon Shocks

JK Wrangler | JKU Wrangler Unlimited

Historically, universal shock absorbers and steering stabilizers have been adapted to fit many applications with minimal tuning. Falcon Shocks rewrites the book on damper development.

Built from the ground up with a focus on fitment and function, the corner-specific Falcon Series 3 Piggyback and Falcon Series 2 Monotube shock absorbers deliver the best damping characteristics possible, while the Falcon Nexus EF Steering Stabilizers deliver equal force (EF) side-to-side resistance for consistent steering wheel response.

After a lengthy and painstaking development process, we have delivered these advanced shocks and stabilizers to the awaiting Jeep market. Falcon Performance Shocks are the new benchmark in damper development!

Falcon Shock Absorbers

Series 3.3 Fast Adjust | Series 3.1 | Series 2.1

Falcon shock absorbers are engineered to meet the unique requirements of the JK Wrangler/JKU Wrangler Unlimited. These Jeep-specific shock absorbers deliver increased stability, improved ride quality, and comfort for daily driven vehicles as well as race-inspired performance, handling, and stability for off-road rigs.

The Falcon Shocks lineup includes the Series 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback with 10 adjustment positions, the fixed-rate Series 3.1 Piggyback and fixed-rate Series 2.1 Monotube shock absorbers tuned for more control for on- and off-road driving.

Click HERE for more details about the all-new JK/JKU Falcon shock absorbers!

Falcon Steering Stabilizers

Nexus EF 2.2 Fast Adjust | Nexus EF 2.1

Falcon steering stabilizers are engineered to meet the unique requirements of the JK/JKU. Benefits include a properly weighted steering feel and consistent bi-directional turning for balanced and controlled side-to-side steering response and an equal return to center dynamics.

The Falcon steering stabilizer lineup includes the Nexus EF 2.2 Fast Adjust with three positions of adjustment and the fixed-rate Nexus EF 2.1 tuned for more control for on- and off-road driving.

Click HERE for more details about the all-new JK/JKU Falcon steering stabilizers!

Falcon History

Falcon Shocks stem from nearly six decades of Jeep experience. MEPCO (Military Equipment Parts Company) got its start as a distributor of Jeep parts and accessories in the 1950s followed by TeraFlex in 1996 as the first company to engineer a lift kit for the TJ Jeep Wrangler’s coil spring suspension. Over the years, we have developed innovative products that deliver performance results exceeding customer expectations.

Every aspect of vehicle dynamics must be considered in developing a properly engineered suspension system to ensure predictable handling and a smooth ride. This includes correct suspension geometry as well as properly matching the shock’s compression and rebound to the spring rate.

In order to offer each and every customer shock absorbers properly matched to our springs, we went back to the drawing board to develop our own shock line resulting in the premium Falcon Shocks brand.

Our in-house engineers have invested hundreds of hours in shock tuning to deliver optimal results that can be felt in a “seat-of-the-pants” experience. Falcon shocks are developed and built in-house with state-of-the-art methods including CAD design, finite element analysis, in-house lab simulation, and rigorous real-world testing.

Falcon shocks provide extremely predictable handling through carefully tuned compression and rebound. Although our Jeep Wrangler-specific Falcon shock absorbers are specifically designed to complement TeraFlex lift coil springs in our suspension systems, they will significantly increase the performance of any stock or modified Jeep Wrangler.

Falcon Damper Warranty

TeraFlex Inc. warrants Falcon shock absorbers to the original retail purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years from the original date of purchase.  Upon verification, TeraFlex Inc. will repair or replace the shock absorber at no cost to the original user. All conditions of the standard TeraFlex Inc. product warranty apply. This warranty does not cover or include product finish, improperly installed or applied products, improperly maintained products, products used for racing or competition or damage due to abuse or neglect.

- Jason Udy

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